Snack Attack

You don’t have to snack on cheap potato chips all the time.

First of all, potato chips are not good for you.  Secondly, they’re not very filling.  You can eat the whole bag of them and still be looking for something else to eat after.

Save your money – avoid snacks that aren’t filling.  Invest your money in snacks that are both satisfying and filling.  And maybe even healthy!  Not to mention quick!

Here’s a few snack ideas that may rock your socks:

  1. Happy Jappies
  2. Bacon Spiral Bites
  3. Basic Tasty Bruschetta
  4. Leftover Breakfast Sammie
  5. Bacon n Egg Salad
  6. Pizza Pillows
  7. Tasty Tuna Tucks
  8. Grilled Cheese with a Kick
  9. Smokin’ Scrambled Eggs
  10. A Tasty Cheese Plate
  11. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  12. Scrambled Eggs – Learn to Love Them!
  13. Snappy Nachos
Basic Tasty Bruschetta

Basic Tasty Bruschetta

Leftover Breakfast Sammie

Leftover Breakfast Sammie

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