Lunches for Work

Main Lunch Ideas:

  1. Fabulous Club Sandwich
  2. Quick ‘n Easy Pasta Sauce
  3. Nacho Noodles
  4. Poppin’ Nacho Perogie Salad
  5. Golden Dynamite Dip
  6. Miracle Macaroni Salad
  7. Pizza Lasagna Lunch
  8. Tasty Lasagna Rippers
  9. Bacon n Egg Salad
  10. Creamy Bacon Bows
  11. Tasty Tuna Tucks
  12. Cheery Chicken Bruschetta Pasta
  13. Cream Eggs and Ham 
  14. Fiesty Fiesta Mac ‘n Cheese
  15. Mellow Chicken Casserole
  16. Sophisticated Pasta

It’s a tough part of being single and not making a lot of money – lunches at work.  You don’t want to starve, but you can’t afford to buy a lunch every day.  You’d rather save money by making a lunch at home, but you’re tired/lazy/broke/sick of always making lunches.

This page will help you find ways to eat delicious meals at work while not spending a lot of money.  I’ll give you tips on how to do most of your prep on Sunday night, so you don’t spend your nights or mornings slaving away to have something to eat at work.

Personally, I can’t stand being at work when I’m hungry.  I am irritable and I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing.  Plus it’s depressing to think “Here I am, working my butt off, and I can’t even afford to eat a lunch!”

No, no, no.  Having good lunches is possible.  Let’s do it.

Quick n' Easy Pasta

Quick n’ Easy Pasta

Miracle Macaroni Salad

Miracle Macaroni Salad

Pizza Lasagna Lunch

Pizza Lasagna Lunch



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